Why Choose Us

At Lake Landscape and Mason Supplies, we believe that our secret to success is our commitment to providing outstanding customer service, high-quality products, and fair pricing. We love what we do! Our team of customer care professionals helps customers choose the best pavers, materials or supplies for their property. We deliver our service with a personalized touch that our customers appreciate; that’s why they come back again and again to work with our team of professionals at Lake Landscape and Mason Supplies.
Lake Landscape and Mason Supplies isn’t a national big box store or chain. We specialize in the products and services that our customers need. We deliver our masonry and landscaping materials from Montauk to Manhattan. Our customers rely on us for the quality of masonry supply and landscaping materials we carry.

Because we’re locally owned and operated, we care about the communities and customers we serve. Providing personalized service allows us to get to know our customers so we can help them fulfill all their landscaping and masonry needs. From Cambridge pavers to our convenience equipment rentals, our products and services are priced fairly and competitively.

Talk to our customer care team about your upcoming outdoor project. No project is too large or small for our attention. Whether you’re searching for attractive pavers for your flower bed or want to build a brand-new patio for your home, we can put together a package of all the materials and tool rentals you’ll need for the job. Visit Lake Landscape and Mason Supplies and find out why so many choose us for all their masonry and landscaping supply needs.

Where Can I Find A Long Island Masonry Supply In Nassau County?

We’re your local Long Island Masonry Supply company. We’re not just any Long Island Masonry Supply company though. We are the premier contractors for masonry, tile, stone, and more in Nassau County. When you need a quality contractor for your project, you cannot go wrong with our experience and skills.

Long Island Masonry Supply is your new & social way to find the best products, services, and advice from fellow professionals. Long Island Masonry Supply is the Long Island’s most trusted source of all your masonry supplies, including mortar, brick, and stone. We offer a full range of products that are locally sourced so you can shop with confidence. Long Island Masonry Supply was founded on the idea that providing quality products to contractors should be easy and affordable.

How Can I Buy Long Island Masonry Supplies In Suffolk County?

Long Island Masonry Supplies offer the best selection of quality masonry supplies at great prices. Our team of skilled craftsmen can help you with any of your masonry needs. Get the best prices for a wide range of materials, tools and equipment to do your job right. As the leading supplier of Long Island Masonry Supplies, we understand the importance of having a reliable source of masonry supplies for all your projects. We offer a wide range of products including mortars and grouts, stones, bricks, pavers and more. We ship our products all over the country so that you can work without limitations.

When it comes to brick-laying and masonry, there are important considerations that must be addressed before and during the process. Contact a Long Island Masonry Supplies to learn more about how you can make your experience with brick-laying and masonry work for you.

Will A Long Island Masonry Supply Company Provide Drainage Solutions?

Long Island Masonry Supply company offers a wide variety of products and services designed to help homeowners, contractors, and builders with all their construction needs. Our drainage system is suitable for any type of drain and includes a membrane, which is a thin layer of durable silicone that is flexible and water-resistant. Our silicone liner can be applied over blocks, slabs, or walls.

Long Island Masonry Supply has been serving Long Island, with products and services being inspected by Nassau County. You need drainage solutions, and we’re ready to help. We provide everything you’ll need to keep your home dry, including: tile grouts, mortar lines, water reducers, underground drainage systems and more. Long Island Masonry Supply is a company that specializes in supplying drainage solutions to commercial and residential properties.

Does Long Island Masonry Supply Include Retaining Walls?

Long Island Masonry Supply is a New York based company that has been supplying masonry products to home builders and contractors. Long Island Masonry Supply has seen demand for retaining walls increase in recent years which lead them to offer these walls as an option for their clients.

Retaining walls are typically built of stone, brick, or concrete and they can be molded into various shapes. Long Island Masonry Supply stores offer long island masonry supplies that can be used to build retaining walls. Long Island Masonry Supply is a brick, block and stone supply company that provides bricklayers, stonemasons and other construction professionals with the supplies they need to get the job done.

Do Long Island Masonry Supply Companies Sell And Rent Construction Equipment?

Yes! Whether your company needs to rent or sell construction equipment, our long-term relationships and high-quality Long Island Masonry Supply products can help. Long Island Masonry Supply is available to answer any questions or provide quotes and rates. Find out if you’re looking for a company that sells and rents construction equipment for your upcoming project. From floor levelers to stone saws, we sell and rent construction equipment in Long Island that any contractor would be proud to call their own.

If you are looking for the right business to enter and have plenty of ambition and desire, then you should consider becoming a Long Island Masonry Supply company. As a result of the recent boom in construction, demand for the industry has expanded significantly. With all this growth, there is room for more companies to grow into the industry. We offer a wide variety of tools and equipment for building and construction projects.

Are Long Island Masonry Supplies Available At Lake Landscape and Mason?

Yes, the Long Island Masonry Supplies team has the best selection of stone and brick in the area. Our top-tier gear and professional staff are always ready to help you get the job done on time or any size project. Long Island Masonry Supplies have the most affordable prices for all your masonry needs, including brick, stone, and pavers. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the best solution for your project.

Lake Landscape and Mason experts are offering a selection of long island masonry supplies that are now available for purchase online. These supplies are made for use on the roof; but, may also be used for other purposes such as chimneys, patios, or walls.